LeCoS project
Learner Corpus of Subtitles 
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LeCoS project-
Learner Corpus of Subtitles
is an on-going project run by Kazimierz Wielki University and Teacher Training College in Koszalin.
The aim of the project is to compile a corpus of data in order to:
(1) diagnose the initial stage of students' translation skills and identify language-specific problem areas;
(2) prepare a set of activities (drawing on corpus data) to facilitate the design of an introductory course of audiovisual translation-subtitling. Through the activities students:
-analyse their own renderings,
-compare their translations with professional translations,
-are taught subtitling strategies,
-employ these strategies in order to correct their subtitles;
(3) prepare an introductory university course of subtitling.

Project members:
Anna Bączkowska, Ph.D. - project coordinator: project and course design, data collection.
Anna Klein, MA (Modern Languages: English, German) - Ph.D. researcher, free-lance translator: corpus compilation and annotation (timing) in 2011
Marek Kieś MA (Modern Languages: German, English, Swedish)- Ph.D. researcher: corpus compilation in 2010, technical support
Contact: ab [at] ukw.edu.pl 
1. book Translating Films through Subtitles (in preparation, to be published in 2012, author: A. Bączkowska)
2. conference presentations (A. Klein-Lisbon, A. Bączkowska-Lisbon, Barcelona, Pavia)
3. papers (in preparation)
4. course and workshop design (in preparation, A. Bączkowska)